Subscription Policy - منصة رواد

Packages currently available on the site

  1. Nomou Package 1990
    See package subscription details below

Warranty and Refund Policy

The subscription will be re-subscribed directly and without any question in the event that the customer wishes to cancel the subscription during the first 15 days of the first month of his subscription.
The subscription amount cannot be refunded after the expiry of 15 days from the beginning of the first month subscription for any reason

Nomu 1990 subscription details

Delivery period of designs in the 1990 Nomu package
Orders in the 1990 Nomu package will be delivered within 1 day to Two working days

This list includes the types of designs supported by the 1990 Growth Package:

✅ Logo Design

✅ Complete Identity Design< /p>

✅ Social Media Psots

✅ Print or digital brochures

✅ T-shirt designs

✅ Commercial publications (flyer – brochure)

✅ Designs of packaging and packaging

✅ Design of road signs

✅ Flyers/posters

✅ Email signatures (Design only without coding).

✅ Designs for blog posts

✅ Image designs for website

✅ Image manipulation – minor edits

✅ Remove backgrounds from images

✅ Simple infographics info Graphic

This list includes the types of designs that are not supported by Nomou Package, but are not limited to

❌ 3D Design

❌ Illustrator Character Design

❌ Website Interface Design